Exploring Melbourne: Best Parks

Details of best Melbourne parks are listed below.

1. Melbourne Park

Melbourne Park (formerly known as the National Tennis Centre) on the northern bank of the Yarra River, is Melbourne's sports and large-scale concerts venue. Events include the Australian Open), one of the four Grand Slam competitions of tennis, played under Melbourne Park's unique retractable roof. There are also 23 outdoor and five indoor tennis courts for public use.

Next to Melbourne Park is the Vodafone Arena, which is home to the popular Victorian Titans basketball team. It also hosts a stadium for tennis, basketball, cycling and concerts, all covering an area of 2.4 ha (6 acres). Opposite the park is the Sports and Entertainment Centre, which was originally built for the 1956 Olympics but is now being redeveloped.

Nearby Olympic Park is the location for international and national athletics meets, as well as regular soccer and rugby competitions.

2. Albert Park

Encompassing the remains of a former natural swampland, Albert Park Lake is the attractive centerpiece of a 225-ha (555-acre) parkland which includes sporting fields, a public golf course and many other recreational facilities. However, it is now predominantly known as the site of the annual Australian Formula One Grand Prix, which covers a 5,260-m (5,754-yd) circuit around the lake.

Apart from the Grand Prix, the park is used for a variety of purposes. There is a new, popular aquatic and indoor sports centre. Wetlands have also been developed to promote a diverse wildlife. One of the most popular activities at the park is sailing, whether by small yacht, rowing boat or model boat.

A large, ancient river red gum tree standing in the centre of the park is also reputed to have been the site of many Aboriginal corroborees (festive night dances).